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I subscribed several years ago. i have two cats and luckily until last month I never needed to use the insurance.

Two months ago one of my cats started peeing blood. After a run of antibiotics the vet had to do several test to rule out cancer, kidney stones or bad infections. The vet told me blood in the urine is a pretty typical disease for cats. I have a basic insurance and believed this was covered.

I submitted all the expenses and had to do it few times because their malfunctioning fax.

The insurance sent me a letter today saying that hematochezia as a digestive category is not available for coverage. I believe my cat has an uro-genital disease and tests were done to rule out cancer and infections. So it should be covered. Now I have to waste my time to contest the refusal, after paying for so many years.

I should have just saved the money in a special saving account. Will never do pet insurances again.

Monetary Loss: $3000.

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My pet watch is a sham...avoid OSPCA insurance unless you like to fight argue or get the run around at a time when you expect you would get help or understanding for your situation

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